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Epitomizing the concept of glamping in South Africa
manyeleti buffelshoek

Many guests have a special place in their hearts for Buffelshoek and Ndzhaka, to the extent that they return time and again. Indeed, this fondness has even been passed on from one generation to the next.

What, might you ask, makes the guests return? Of paramount significance is the excellent game viewing coupled with the relatively undiscovered beauty and tranquillity of Manyeleti Game Reserve but also undoubtedly of significance is the friendliness of the staff who make all feel at home. With a maximum of 10 guests per camp this ensures that each guest receives individual attention.

Many a lifelong friendship has been established at the camps and you can also be reasonably assured that there will be a special quality about your fellow travellers.

For some the vast tranquil expanse surrounding Buffelshoek, where the elephants, rhinos and buffalos roam, restores their soul. A place where the stars shine brightly and you fall asleep to the sounds of the whooping hyenas or the not so distant roar of the lions.

Others feel cradled in the magical forest setting of Ndzhaka, where during the day the resident nyalas delicately feed and the elephants often times pass by on their way to the main dam and where at night the leopards pass through.

Unfenced from the bush, animals move freely through and around the camps. With the guided game drives in the mornings and evenings and regular game sightings in the camps, this is a true safari experience. Under the careful watch of the resident guides it is not uncommon to see the Big 5 over a period of 3 days.

Epitomizing the concept of glamping in South Africa, we invite you to experience the special magic that is Buffelshoek and Ndzhaka.